GNSS GPS Disciplined Oscillator, 10 MHz Frequency Reference High Stability – NR3620-HS


Single Channel GNSS Locked Frequency Featuring High Stability

L1&L2 Band 184 Channel Receiver Provides 1PPS with 5 ns@1sigma


GNSS locked 10 MHz frequency reference featuring high stability. The unit also features a 1PPS source with a standard deviation of under 5 ns. Pulse to pulse 1PPS jitter is well under 200ps. The unit reports equipment status locally via RS232 port. In addition to output amplitudes and internal critical measurements, the unit reports a continuous calculation of Allan Deviation.

  • L1&L2 GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, and GLONASS reception.
  • 1 Vrms 10MHz output with harmonics well below -30dBc
  • All inputs and outputs are fault and transient protected
  • Low phase noise OCXO with an unlocked stability of <5ppb/day
  • The base unit operates from 12Vdc or a separate power adapter can be purchased to operate from 120Vac.
  • While nominally 12Vdc powered, we also offer input power options that cover -60 to +60 Vdc in three ranges. Transient and reverse polarity protected and electrically isolated from system ground.
  • NMEA output at full RS232 levels
  • Relay contacts provide an indication of GPS lock status. This GPS lock status can be used to detect an extended period of a GPS loss condition – possible alert of an antenna or cabling issue. There is also a front panel GPS lock indicator.
  • Built-in test includes monitoring the oven status – a difficult and subtle failure to detect.
  • Built-in test status is provided via a floating relay and front panel indicator
  • This unit also features auto calibration that stores the best known GPS crystal calibration coefficients in non-volatile memory and are applied to the OCXO during a GPS loss condition. Long-term drift is effectively eliminated
  • Allan deviation E-12-reported continuously over the RS232 Port
  • 1PPS output 50 Ohm


NR3620-OG-HS  OCXO based with GNSS Locking

NR3620ROG-HS GNSS locked Rubidium with low phase noise


Brand : Novus          SKU :NR3620-HS




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