pico Pod Compact Rubidium GNSS Locked 10 MHz Low Noise Frequency Reference


picoPOD Single Channel Rubidium, GNSS Locked 10MHz Frequency Reference in a Compact Chassis

NR7000-R, RO,ROG

The NR7000R series brings Rubidium stability to a compact versatile form factor. The unit can be a Rubidium reference : NR7000R, a low noise Rubidium reference: NR7000RO or low noise GNSS locked reference: NR7000ROG. PPS and NMEA  outputs and reports equipment status locally via RS232 port. Provides a continuous calculation of Allan Deviation. Operates from a single 9 to 18 Vdc  power source  or a 5 Vdc source and is easily integrated.

  • Rubidium stability < +-5E-11 month
  • GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, and GLONASS reception.
  • 0.5 Vrms 10 MHz output with harmonics well below -30dBc
  • All inputs and outputs are fault and transient protected
  • Low phase noise OCXO
  • The base unit operates from 11 to 35 Vdc
  • NMEA output at full RS232 levels- logic LVCMOS available
  • PPS source and the unit may also be locked to an external PPS source.
  • Low Phase Noise options -150 dBc/Hz@ 1kHz

Brand : Novus          SKU :NR7000-RO

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