Six Channel 10 MHz, Six Channel PPS Simulator- OCXO based – NR3612-O


Six Channel 10 MHz and Six Channel PPS OCXO Based 10 MHz Frequency Reference

Six Channel Low Phase Noise Reference plus Six Channels of PPS Operates from-60 to +60 Vdc in Three Ranges or an AC Adapter


The NR3612 is a high performance 10 MHz frequency reference driven by a low noise SC cut, OCXO. The six 10 MHz outputs are 13 dBm and the 6 PPS outputs can be at 5 or 3.3 logic levels.  PPS outputs can drive 50 Ohm. External synchronization to 10 MHz or PPS.

  • Low phase noise OCXO.
  • 6 channels 10 MHz channels also available 50 MHz
  • 6 channels of PPS at 3.3 or 5 volt levels
  • Low close-in phase noise.
  • Hold-over stability of 5 ppb/day, 50ppb/year.
  • Operates from DC power in three ranges +- (10 to 18, 18 to 36, 36 to 65) VDC or an AC adapter.
  • Indicators and signals provide unit self-test and channel fault status.
  • RS232 port provides BITE and channel status.

Wide input power range (-60 to +60 VDC) in three ranges

Brand : Novus          SKU :NR3612-O



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