NMEA PPS Sources Sources provide NMEA information and the pulse per second (PPS) signal without the cost of a 10 MHz ouput. The NP6700 can be powered from AC or DC or directly from the USB port on your laptop. The NR4300-LT offers a PCB assembly that can be easily integrated.  The NR2310-PPS can be configured to provide 10 PPS channels ideal for multi-channel software defined radio systems. The NT9400 is a completely portable solution that also offers a atomic holdover option ideal for unreliable GNSS signal enviroments. The NR3620-LT can be operated from -60 to +60 Vdc.With built-in synthesizer, configure the NR3700 to be a PPS simulator. The NR4420 offers a complete reference but also includes a stabilized PPS that reduces PPS jitter by over 18 dB. For very demanding applications, consider the Novus high stability PPS option. This adds a processing loop to achieve a pulse to pulse stability mean of under 40 psec

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