10 Channel PPS & 10 Channel 10 MHz Low Noise GNSS Locking NR2320D-RP


10 Channel 10 MHz, 10 Channel PPS GNSS Locked Low Noise Reference with Display and Networking – NR2320D-RP


20 Channel platform provides complete flexibility for the system designer. Two ten channel amplifiers can be 10 MHz Sine, 10 MHz square or PPS. Mix and match to have 10 channels of sine and 10 channels of PPS. Create a 20 channel PPS source. Add a high stability option with GNSS receiver and create the reference you need. Rubidium options provide outstanding holdover stability.

  • 20 transient and fault protected channels with local indicators on the front and rear panel.
  • Option-operates from AC or DC power sources..
  • Monitor and set alert limits on each output.
  • aging less than 5E-11/month (unlocked)
  • temperature stability <5E-10 0 to 50C (unlocked)
  • Warm-up time , 12 min
  • High stability PPS option available , < 100 ps -P-P (see curve)
  • Networking with SNMP
  • Additional stability options available- see additional info tab
  • External lock to PPS option
  • Available as a 20 channel PPS or 10 MHz Distribution Amplifier

10Hz     -130
100Hz   -145
1K         -155
10K       -155

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