Dual Channel, GNSS GPS Disciplined, Low Phase Noise Rubidium 10 MHz Frequency Reference NR2110D-ROG-HS3


Dual Channel, GNSS GPS Disciplined Low Phase Noise Rubidium 10 MHz Frequency Reference – NR2110D-ROG-HS

High Stability Low Noise Rubidium GNSS Disciplined  10 MHz Reference Thermally Isolated Control

For many applications, the phase noise of a Rubidium reference is not acceptable. The NR2110D-R-O-G-HS3 incorporates a low noise OCXO that is disciplined to the Rubidium reference. This product also adds two GNSS receivers that brings the long-term stability of GNSS and monitoring. The entire disciplining assembly is thermally isolated- add the HS4 option to mechanically isolate the critical elements to minimize mechanical contributions to phase noise-such as fans. The NR2110D-ROG-HS brings the best of three timing technologies together- the low phase noise of the OCXO, excellent holdover stability of Rubidium and the long-term stability of GNSS locking.   All channels are continuously monitored and displayed locally and accessible via RS232 or Ethernet. Additional stability options available for enhanced thermal and vibration isolation. See additional information tab

  • Transient and fault protected channel
  • Exceptional Allan Deviation < 8E-13
  • Thermally isolated timing assembly
  • Add Vibration isolation option to minimize mechanically induced phase noise-(fan noise)
  • Option-operates from AC or DC power sources..
  • Monitor and set alert limits on each output.
  • aging less than 5E-11/month (unlocked)
  • temperature stability <5E-10 0 to 50C (unlocked)
  • Warm-up time , 12 min
  • High stability PPS option available , < 100 ps -P-P (see curve)
  • Available with BNC or SMA output connectors
  • Networking with SNMP
  • Available with either SMA or BNC output connectors
  • 1PPS available

10Hz     -135
100Hz   -150
1K         -160
10K       -160

Brand : Novus          SKU :NR2110D-ROG-HS

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