GNSS GPS Disciplined Oscillator 10 MHz Frequency Reference with Networking-NR2110D-OG -HS


GNSS Locked OCXO 10 MHz Frequency Reference High Stability

184 Channel L1/L2 Receiver affords 5ns@1sigma PPS


GNSS GPS locked OCXO, 10 MHz frequency reference with 1PPS and Ethernet connectivity. The entire timing assembly is in a thermally isolated case operating at a constant temperature. GNSS receiver meets the most stringent 5G timing requirements, is ideal for global deployments due to GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, and GLONASS reception, and is unaffected by ionospheric errors Thermal gradients are minimized and component variation with temperature are dramatically reduced. The unit also features a PPS source with a standard deviation of under 5 ns. Pulse to pulse jitter is well under 200ps. The unit reports equipment status locally and via the RS232 port or the Internet. In addition to output amplitudes and internal critical measurements, the unit reports a continuous calculation of Allan Deviation. The unit features auto-calibration so that the most recent coefficients to compensate the OCXO for drift due to aging and/or temperature are stored and applied to the OCXO during GPS loss-of-lock conditions. Dual time base option adds a completely independent GNSS receiver and gapless counter to monitor the 10 MHz reference- warns of a reference out of tolerance condition. Additional stability options available- see info tab

  • OCXO holdover.
  • OCXO holdover stability 5 ppb/day – 50 ppb/ year.
  • Auto-Calibration continually preserves OCXO GNSS derived compensation coefficients.
  • Output is transient and fault protected.
  • Low phase noise  -145dBc/Hz @ 1 kHz.
  • Allan Deviation E-13 @1000 seconds (option)
  • Front panel LCD status display.
  • Dual-time base option continually monitors the primary reference.
  • Ethernet connectivity.
  • Real-Time Allan Deviation
  • AC/DC power capability.
  • Available with either SMA or BNC output connectors
  • 1PPS

Brand : Novus          SKU :NR2110D-OG

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