Single Channel 10MHz Lock-In Amplifier NR3620-L



Restores Frequency Reference Phase Noise and Maintains Synchronization


Many systems require more than one frequency reference. The NR3620-L and NR2110-L allow an existing precision frequency reference in a system to be restored by locking a low noise OCXO to reference. The phase noise will be restored and the clean-up OCXO will be synchronized to the system reference. This configuration allows considerable flexibility between the source and the output. Factory configurable from 1 MHz, 10 MHz to 50 MHz.

Available in either rack or modular chassis.

AC or DC powered.

Configurable over the frequency range of 1, 10 MHz to 50 MHz sine wave.

Need more channels- see the 6 channel locking amplifier NR3626-L

Brand : Novus          SKU : ND0100-R

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Single Channel 10MHz Lock-In Amplifier NR3620-L


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