Distribution Amplifiers

Pulse, Frequency Reference, Fiber Optic and Lock-in Distribution Amplifiers three, six and ten channel 10 MHz frequency reference amplifiers address the needs of localized and distributed references amplifiers are ±2 dB from 50 KHz to 10 MHz (DC to 10 MHz option available)minimal phase noise contribution signal level indicators quickly alert to a signal loss or over-drive situation individual channel fault indicators facilitate system maintenance software defined radio synchronization with multi-channel PPSsoftware defined radio oscillator stabilization all inputs and outputs fault and transient protected Lock-in amplifiers restore an existing reference or create a new locked frequency three and ten channel amplifiers can be operated from DC (-60 to +60 VDC) or AC power Use the NF0100 to covert any copper reference signal to fiber optic and back to copper- excellent noise immunity and low phase noise options Novus also offers Pulse Distribution Amplifiers (ND0100-P, ND0103-P).

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