20 Channel PPS Distribution Amplifier-ND2320D


20 Channel PPS Distribution Amplifier

Twenty channel  high performance distribution amplifier features  less than 2 ns skewing.  Each channel independently monitored to detect fault and/or mismatch conditions. Outputs are transient and short circuit protected. Unit accepts two inputs and automatically selects valid input. Unit measures and reports amplitude.


  • Skewing below 200 ps (<100ps typical)
  • Rise and fall times less than 1 ns
  • 10 or 5 MHz, PPS, square factory configurable
  • Front panel amplitude display
  • Internal self-test drives indicators and alert signal.
  • All inputs and outputs fault and transient protected.
  • Local and Remote Control  (SNMP) optional
  • Drives 5 or 3,3 Volt CMOS– 50 Ohm


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Data Sheet

ND2320D Platform D 081921.pdf

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