Dual Channel OCXO Based 10 MHz Frequency Reference-NR2110-O


Dual Channel OCXO 10MHz Frequency Reference 

Low Phase Noise Dual Channel 10 MHz Frequency Reference 50 and 100 MHz Options


The NR2110 is a 10 MHz precision OCXO frequency reference. Excellent aging is achieved through the use of an intrinsically low jitter overtone SC cut crystal placed in a thermostatically controlled oven. Low phase noise is achieved by the inherent characteristics of the crystal and appropriate design techniques. Dual outputs are transient and fault protected. Equipment status is reported thru front panel indicators as well as with the RS232 port.

Dual channel,10 MHz frequency reference.

  • OCXO holdover.
  • OCXO holdover stability 5 ppb/day – 50 ppb/ year.
  • Outputs are transient and fault protected.
  • Fault status drives a front panel LED..
  • Low phase noise  -150dBc/Hz @ 1 kHz.
  • Front panel status indicators for channel faults, oven and unit alert.
  • AC/DC power capability.
  • Available with either SMA or BNC output connectors

Brand : Novus          SKU :NR2110-O

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