Six Channel GNSS GPS Locked, 10 MHz, Ultra-Low Phase Noise with Networking NR2306-O/G


Six Channel Ultra-Low Phase Noise, GNSS GPS Disciplined, 10 MHz or 50 MHz Frequency Reference

Six Channel Frequency Reference Locks to GNSS or External 10 MHz or 1PPS



An ultra-low phase noise six channel reference that can be GNSS GPS-locked, locked to an external 10 MHz or an external 1PPS. Available as a 10 MHz or 50 MHz reference.  Available as an OCXO or Rubidium based reference. A low noise OCXO is vibration- isolated from the assembly to minimize mechanically induced phase noise.  Synthesized 1PPS features sub 1 ns jitter. All channels are fault and transient protected. Internal monitoring allows local channel amplitude via an LCD display or remote monitoring via an RS232 port or optional SNMP. Ultra-low phase noise, GNSS GPS locked 6 channel reference with SNMP, local display and NTP time server option.

  • GNSS GPS, external 10 MHz, external 1PPS or locking options.
  • OCXO stability 5 ppb/day – 50 ppb/ year (unlocked).
  • Rubidium option with holdover capability of < 1 ppb/year.
  • Auto-Calibration continually preserves OCXO compensation coefficients.
  • Outputs are transient and fault  protected.
  • Low phase noise  -160dBc/Hz @ 1 kHz.
  • Locked accuracy ~E-12.
  • Front panel LCD status display.
  • Optional Ethernet connectivity.
  • AC/DC power capability.
  • SNMP.
  • NTP time server option.

Brand : Novus          SKU : NR2306-O/G

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