10 Channel High Performance Low Noise Rubidium Audio Reference -Kronos1


10 Channel, GNSS Locked Low Noise Rubidium Audio Reference with Dual-Time Base


Bring the Stability of Rubidium, Precision of GNSS Control and OCXO Low Noise Performance to Your Listening Experience

The Novus KronosΙ represents our highest performance reference for the most demanding audio reference applications. The heart of the reference is an Ultra stable Rubidium reference that is stable to 1 ppb/year. The Rubidium reference is followed by a ultra-low noise oven controlled crystal oscillator that is disciplined by the Rubidium source. To further advance the performance of your audio system,  a 184 channel GNSS receiver provides critical timing information that is highly processed to minimize reference jitter and noise.  The receiver supports.  GPS L1C/A L2C, GLO L1OF L2OF, GAL E1B/C E5b, BDS B1I B2I, QZSS L1C/A L1S L2C, SBAS L1C/A. To assure the integrity of the reference, a separate GNSS receiver is used as an independent time base for an internal gapless frequency counter to monitor the master reference.

A real time continuous calculation of Allan Deviation is performed and is likely the best indicator of reference health one could have. Data logging allows the user to review timing performance on any day from a performance log that is more than a year deep. Alerts can be established to detect a variation from Allan Deviation standard performance.

To further enhance stability, the timing control network and reference are vibration and thermally-isolated. The timing loop operates with a 40 psec resolution to enhance process control. Power supplies include wide bandwidth linear regulators to eliminate ripple noise from the amplifiers. Amplifiers are further isolated with individual passive filters and the amplifiers have over 100 dB of 60 Hz rejection. Every element of the design is focused on stability and noise reduction.

The high performance distribution amplifier provides 10 75 Ohm outputs that are completely transient and fault protected.

If you can not support an antenna in your location- Call for our Rubidium based version of Kronos1 that will bring low noise Rubidium stability to your audio system.

Rubidium stability

Low Phase noise clean-up OCXO

Continuous Allan Deviation calculation

Dual Time base provides real-time reference monitoring

Data logging for a year of more performance data

10 channels of 10 MHz 1 Vpp into 75 ohms

Allan Deviation < E-13

Rackmount or Benchtop

Monitoring of all internal critical circuitry

Statistical analysis of reference performance

Data logging to demonstrate past performance as required.

Phase Noise

10Hz     -130
100Hz   -145
1K         -155
10K       -160

Brand : Novus          SKU :NR9000-audio

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